Freedom is accredited for all design and delivery work up to and including 132kV right through to the point of connection (PoC). Liaising with the local DNO, we arrange and co-ordinate the connection to the existing network. For IDNO connections we can deliver further savings.

Grid Connections

“You have a choice”, contestable connections works can be carried out by either the DNO or by an accredited contractor; known as an Independent Connection Providers (ICP). These require accreditation via the National Electrical Registration Scheme (NERS)/Lloyds Register; Freedom has full NERS accreditation upto 132kV.

As an ICP Freedom can carry out the following services under the contestable works;

  • Design Works for your new connection
  • Procure materials and plant for the connection works
  • Land rights negotiations with third party landowners (if required)
  • Trench excavation and duct installation – on site
  • Trench excavation and duct installation – on public highway
  • Construction of substation buildings and other civil works – on site
  • Cable Installation
  • Substation plant installation and cold commissioning
  • Excavation for jointing bay – on site
  • Excavation for jointing bay – public highway
  • Testing of assets installed by ICP
  • Recording of installed assets

Electrical Infrastructure

From initial design to final commissioning and testing, Freedom offers the complete electrical distribution package. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design and construction of electrical infrastructure distribution systems up to 132kV, Freedom can offer a “solution” to any electrical infrastructure project. Freedom’s capability covers an extensive range of disciplines.

Cable installations

  • 1kV and 5kV insulation tests
  • DC pressure tests up to 33kV
  • VLF cable testing


  • HV & LV winding insulation tests
  • Winding ratio checks
  • Bucholz testing


  • AC pressure testing
  • Ductor testing
  • CT’s – Ratio & flick tests, mag curves
  • VT’s – Ratio & polarity checks
  • Functionality checks





Tansterne 66kV 22MW Connection & Substation

The Brief

Freedom was required to connect a 22MW Energy from Waste plant to ensure qualification for the prevailing government funded renewable obligation certificate (ROC) scheme. This involved providing a detailed design and studies package including all contestable elements of the scheme as identified in the NPG Functional Specification.

The Approach

Freedom were contracted very early by the client to carry out the initial feasibility studies for the cable works; initially Freedom had to divert the existing 66kV Overhead Line to Underground, this would “loop in” the new 66kV Substation once constructed. Freedom carried out all the design works for the Substation (inclusive of Protection & Control philosophy) and gained approval from NPG.

The Delivery

The Freedom team delivered, before the deadline, a detailed design and studies package, 66kV substation 40mx30m compound c/w; x2 of 66kV Dead Tank CBs, x6 of 66kV Disconnectors, x3 sets of VTs, x3 Cable sealing end Structures, associated Busbar and clamps, Construction of an 11mx6m Control Room c/w x3 off Circuit Protection Panels.

The whole substation was commissioned and adopted by NPG a full 2 months prior to the RoC deadline date.