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Northern Powergrid


EAVC Upgrades Phase 1 Yorkshire


Protection Modifications


Waverley Business Park Rotherham

The Brief

Northern Powergrid (NPg) submitted a business plan to Ofgem to upgrade automatic voltage control schemes to allow for direct and accurate measurement of voltage, tap position, real and reactive power flows. These works were split into two project types with the first requiring the replacement of all panels containing out dated GEC AVE and GEC MVGC relays. Throughout the Northeast and Yorkshire there are approximately 800 sites that have been identified for relay panel replacements with the first located at the Waverley Business Park in Rotherham.

The Approach

The works were to be undertaken as part of our established EHV Substation Services Framework with NPg. The site programme was developed and carried out by a high level project management team with experienced Electrical Advanced Craftsmen and supported throughout by Freedom’s SHEQ Department. All members of the team have developed a strong collaborative relationship with NPg through previous partnerships within the framework and this would be beneficial for the work on site and for the ongoing success of the overall scheme.

The Delivery

Freedom committed to a continued site presence throughout the works to ensure that the project was delivered on time and in full and in accordance with the scheduled outages. The scheduled work was successfully completed in October 2017 allowing us to progress onto the next phased project in the overall delivery programme.