The Point of Connection Mast – POC-MAST™ – has been developed by our in-house experts to transform the way new connections to the high voltage electricity distribution network are delivered.

POC-MAST™ enables any developer that requires a connection into the electricity distribution network – for generation or load – a safer, faster and more affordable point of connection for their scheme.  It can make the difference as to whether, or not, a scheme is viable.

Key benefits of the POC-MAST™ include:

  • Improved safety during construction – reduced time spent working at height
  • Removes the need for crane/heavy lifting operations as a hydraulic ram is utilised instead
  • Considerable cost savings against traditional methods – no requirement to replace or modify existing towers
  • Removes the need for temporary diversions saving time, money and reducing risk
  • Minimal environmental impact – screw anchor foundations negate the need for deep excavations – typically saves more than 30 tonnes of concrete
  • Speed of completion, taking less than 20-weeks from concept to completion
  • Reduced circuit outage times for installation
  • Low maintenance as it’s fully galvanised, with a design life of 40-years.

POC-MAST™ is available for loop-in loop-out and tee-off connections up to 132kV on both the most widely used tension and suspension towers on the UK distribution network.

UK PATENT NUMBER GB2579518 and GB2537082

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“We’ve been providing connection services for many years and recognised that the increasingly diverse nature of power generation was creating a greater demand for quicker and more cost-effective connections into the distribution networks.

“Traditional methods for connecting to an existing line usually require a new junction tower or extensive modifications to an existing tower. This involves a lengthy outage and, in some case, a temporary circuit diversion. Such modifications cause disruption to the network for many weeks and can only be carried out at certain times of the year.

“It also means they are expensive and can take a long time to complete. POC-MAST™ was borne out of a desire to make this more affordable and quicker.”

Martin Buckland – Managing Director, Freedom Professional Services

“The first POC-MAST™ was developed for a renewable energy project where a traditional connection wasn’t possible, so we created POC-MAST™ as a bespoke solution – we quickly realised that it overcame many of the issues associated with traditional connection solutions and provides benefits to both the developer and network operator.”

Matt Pryor – Technical Manager of Overhead Lines



UK Power Networks


Dagenham Data Centre 80MVA 132kV Connection


Full turnkey design and build


South East

The Brief

The scope of work was the design and build of an 80 MVA 132kV connection to a new data centre in the UK Power Networks region. This consisted of new double 8km 132kV cable circuits, a new substation which contained: 132kV outdoor PASS MOH Hybrid Switchgear, 2 x 132/11.5/ 11.5kV three winding transformers, 2 x 11kV multi panel switchboards and the associated protection and control panels. This also included all civils works for a new switch-room, transformer plinth, and outdoor AIS compound.

The Approach

To facilitate the connection to an existing 132kV OHL terminal tower, Freedom installed its new POC-MAST™ which provided a quicker and cheaper final connection point. The POC-MAST™ element was delivered as part of the contestable works for UK Power Networks.

Freedom engaged their multi-disciplinary team to undertake the full turnkey design and build of this connection. The design, wayleave and installation teams worked closely together to ensure efficiency throughout the project to successfully meet the clients demands for this complex double-circuit connection. The project has been completed without any safety incidents and the contestable elements satisfactorily adopted by UK Power Networks without any loss of supplies to existing customers.

The Challenges

  • Multiple land owners, local authority and planning consents to negotiate for the installation of the 8km 132kV cable route and 132kV POC-MAST™ at the connection point
  • ICP design acceptance and adoption by UK Power Networks for the POC-MAST™
  • Negotiated access to UK Power Networks network to meet limited outage window available for POC-MAST™ connection
  • Complex data centre private network with the ability to export generated electricity.


UK Distribution Network Operator Power Networks


St Osyth 33kV OHL Connection


Concept and detailed design 


South East

The Brief

A major solar farm required a 33kV connection to a nearby overhead line.  The DNO’s overhead line tower, built in the 1940’s, was fitted with a rare inline circuit switch connected at cross arm level and operated from a manual lever at ground level.  Adjacent to the tower, at the point of connection, was an 11kV wood pole overhead line.  This provided limited access for the installation of the new structure.

The Approach

We undertook a detailed study of the existing tower and produced a review of the various health and safety issues for the installation and ongoing operation of the new point of connection.  It was agreed that the method of connection must produce minimal mechanical load transfer into the existing tower, otherwise the inline circuit switches could operate incorrectly.  Innovating with a radical design, we produced a patented solution known as POC-MASTTM, now becoming an industry standard solution at both 33kV and 132kV.

POC-MASTTM is designed for each point of connection, based on the latest euro codes and using a folded steel mast.  It is assembled at ground level and erected using a hydraulic ram, requiring minimal working at height.  With a mass concrete or screw anchor foundation, minimal curing time and ground excavation is needed.

The Delivery

The POC-MASTTM provided a safe, cost effective solution ensuring working at height was minimised.  Although this was the first time this solution was used in the UK, the design and installation was safely delivered to time and programme.  It also reduced the 33kV cable connection length by 350m.  Winner of the Construction News Innovation Award in 2015 and finalist in the UK Energy Innovation Awards in 2015, the POC-MASTTM solution is now fully operational, and a number of other projects are planned.

Further information

Claire Briody – Head of Business Development, Freedom Professional Services