POC-MAST™ wins Engineering & Technology Innovation Award

POC-MAST™ wins Engineering & Technology Innovation Award

We’ve won the award for Outstanding Innovation in Future Power and Energy at the Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards for our POC-MAST™ product.

The prestigious awards recognise and celebrate the very best new innovations across the breadth of science, engineering and technology and our win is in recognition of the Point of Connection Mast (POC-MAST™), which was developed by our in-house experts as a viable solution for connecting power generation and load projects to a distribution network. POC-MAST™ makes it safer, faster, easier and more cost-effective for customers to get connected to the network, making it a key tool for developers and distribution network operators in a rapidly changing energy landscape.

Originally developed for a renewable energy project where a traditional connection into an electricity network wasn’t possible, POC-MAST™ has since received substantial investment, undergone extensive testing and experienced early successes. It is now set to revolutionise the way new connections to the high voltage electricity distribution network are delivered.

Quick to complete, it takes less than 20 weeks from concept to construction, where traditional installation.

Since the first installation, both 33kV and 132kV POC-MASTs have been installed at other locations including a data centre in the South East.