Freedom’s four-star success at the Zero Waste Awards

Freedom’s four-star success at the Zero Waste Awards

Our approach to sustainability is an integral part of the way we do business and in recognition of our current zero waste to landfill position and other waste reduction initiatives, we have been awarded a four-star rating at the latest Zero Waste Awards. This supports our new Net Positive strategy which sets out our ambition to achieve zero avoidable waste in the longer term.

During the period of March 2020 to February 2021, we generated 1,705 tonnes of waste through the services and projects we deliver with a total of 99.4% of this waste being diverted away from landfill. In 2020, we reduced the amount of plastic waste we generated by diverting 2260kg to a local reprocessing plant, which equated to approximately 2000 pieces of plastic packaging.

We have also reduced our waste through smarter design and procurement, established two external partnerships that reprocess our waste materials into new products and modified our ways of working by adopting innovative re-useable products that result in less packaging and hazardous waste. We continue to actively look for opportunities to reduce or re-use the waste we generate as part of our services.

Peter Jones, Managing Director, Services division says:

“Reducing the waste generated by our operations continues to form an important part of our wider sustainability programme, and to be awarded a four-star rating is a great achievement.

“Whilst 2020 was a very difficult year for many businesses, we are very proud of the high level of commitment we have maintained across the business and the dedication of our people who have continued to support and uphold our environmental initiatives, whilst exploring new ways of reducing waste.

We also believe that our environmental endeavours are helping us to foster better relationships with our business partners too.”

Set up in 2010, the Zero Waste Awards scheme has more than 500 members and is the premier recognition scheme for businesses and organisations that are committed to increasing the amount of waste they reduce, reuse and recycle.

The organisers say: “The overall objective of the scheme is to build a community of sustainable businesses, providing a platform for winners to collaborate and work together to reduce their environmental impact”.

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